Rabbit Island

Coney Island has met with many ups and downs through the years. There is no doubt that at one time it was the home to rabbits, indigenous people and Mother Nature. For the last hundred and some years it has had millions and millions of people trending about its surface. One thing is for sure, a satellite image today wouldn’t be a few rabbits or an American Indian fishing the shoreline but rather many many people gathered together for entertainment.

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Henry Ward Beecher

Plymouth Church still stands in Brooklyn Heights with all of its history. It was ahead of its time and advocated antislavery.

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Bridge Over Troubled Waters

In terms of the Brooklyn Bridge my thought is “wow”, what a feat by a group of people who sacrificed everything to make it happen. It is definitely a great marvel of American effort and art.

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Old Navy

When I think about whether the Brooklyn Navy Yard should be doing what they are doing or not I can’t say that I came to a good conclusion about it. It is land being utilized while at the same time it is allowing for at least some preservation of the past. I will have to give it one and half thumbs up.

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Brooklyn on the right, Queens on the left

As I traveled up Newtown Creek the scene reminded me of Peter Spellane’s talk were he mentions that sulfuric acid is used in nearly all chemical products produced. Fertilizer and petroleum, however, has taken up 90% of the sulfuric acid used and the end result can be devastating to the water. As a passenger travels up Newtown Creek the water is a little cleaner than it was in the past. In the past oil as well as other products were being processed along Newtown Creek but now it is only stored. As the shores are cleaned up the land is used for new purposes whether you are standing on the right side where Brooklyn resides or standing on the left where the Queens reside.

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Hello world!

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